Dearest Customers, We are back to work.Due to there are too many designs and addition choices of 23 colors for each design therefore most of the sticker are custom made upon order received!
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DIY Step by Step


Please understand the installation step as below before start your DIY.

Enjoy it !


 Type 1 : Sticker with transfer film attached. (most of Coocolor products are this type)

hint : Step no 2


 Type 2 : Sticker with transfer film separated.

(Some of the design is this type, mostly this design will save cost and get better effect)

ex : Prev Next flower bed2,  Prev NeGrass flower,Blooming118 etc



 Type 3 : Sticker without transfer film.

(Some of the design is this this type, mostly it is big design such like trees which transfer film is not necessary.) 

ex : Couple t..., , Forest, Shade Tr...


How to remove wall sticker: Click here

 How to remove and install glass frosted film : Click here